ELK 6.3 XPACK is not supported for WIN-x86

Please suggest, if any workaround is available ?

org.elasticsearch.ElasticsearchException: X-Pack is not supported and Machine Learning is not available for [windows-x86]; you can use the other X-Pack features (unsupported) by setting xpack.ml.enabled: false in elasticsearch.yml

No, I am not aware of any workaround. You will need a 64-bit OS to use ML.


My system is equipped with 64 bit O/S.


What about your JVM.

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It's match with the requirment.

I was running 6.2.1 version before. I started 6.3 after stopping old process, though i received the below warning


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Based on this post it looks like you might be using a 32-bit JVM.

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