ELK 7.8 detect anomalies?

Hello , i am new to ELK and i am using version 7.8, i am using filebeat , metricbeat , heartbeat and packetbeat , i had one problem is that filebeat doesn't match any results whenever the i put the during time ( discover kibana ) , while the other if i change the timestamp it shows the discover graph , ( ps : i am not using logstash so far )
i want to detect anomalies on my server using ELK 7.8 , i have heard that there's a solution on machine learning kibana but i didn't understand it well especially with elastic 7.8,
i hope that anyone here can help me with the both issues , i am working on centos 7

Hi - I'm sorry, but your questioning is a little hard to understand due to the apparent language barrier.

But, let me say that anomaly detection using Elastic ML is simple and easy to use. It does require that the data is time-series (that it has a timestamp field). Perhaps a basic introduction to the concepts of the anomaly detection would be good for you and then you can come back with more specific questions.

Watch this video - it uses an older version of Elastic, but the concepts are still relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6xW6YWYgs0

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