ELK APM Security (RUM agents)

Hi Team,
Hi Team,

APM server - is implemented in a Linux server.
APM agent - RUM.JS
AWS Loadbalancer URL (https:x.x.x.x) is implemented between APM agents and APM server.
APM agent send data to this loadbalancing URL which inturn send data to APM and further to Elastic server.
Since we are using RUM with anonymous authentication, how can we make sure we have a secure connection with agents and APM server.
Since the browser based application will be accessed by customers all over internet and the information gets into APM server we need some security layer placed .
Can anyone guide on this please.

The guide about anonymous auth refers to how you can configure the apm server to allow incoming requests without auth token from configured apm agents, while in general using auth via api keys or secret token for any other apm agents.

Thanks Silvia .
I think in 7.17 version of Elastic with RUM JS as APM agent we dont have option to configure any security with anonymous authentication.

Anonymous auth was also supported in 7.17, just nested under a different key; check out 7.17-anonymous-auth for more details.

Thanks :smiley:

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