ELK authentiation issue

Hello Team,

While accessing kibana I've added Nginx basic auth, which after asking credentials it redirects to kibana perfectly but when I enable ES security feature (xpack.security.enable : true) kibana throwing below error.

{"statusCode":401,"error":"Unauthorized","message":"[security_exception] unable to authenticate user [demo] for REST request [/_security/_authenticate], with { header={ WWW-Authenticate="Basic realm=\"security\" charset=\"UTF-8\"" } }"}

nginx config file

server {
  listen 80 default_server;
  server_name _;
  auth_basic "Restricted Area";
  auth_basic_user_file /etc/nginx/.htpasswd;
  location / {

ELasticsearch config.yml:

cluster.name: stgmb
xpack.security.enabled: true
xpack.security.authc.accept_default_password: true
xpack.security.transport.ssl.enabled: true
node.name: stgmbnode-1
path.data: /datadisk/elasticsearch
path.logs: /datadisk/log/elasticsearch
http.port: 9200
discovery.seed_hosts: [""]

Kibana & Elasticsearch version : 7.1.0

Does this demo user exist? Can you authenticate to Elasticsearch with that user and password?

Demo user exist only in nginx basic auth
I've set two authentications: one is nginx basic auth and another one is ELK auth.

Sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to do here.

From what you've written it looks like:

  • You've enabled security in Kibana
  • You have basic authentication enabled in Nginx
  • You have a "demo" user in Nginx, but not in Kibana
  • Nginx is passing the "demo" user credentials to Kibana
  • But this user doesn't exist in Kibana, so it fails.

That all seems to be working exactly as we'd expect.
What exactly is the issue?

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