ELK behind ELB


I just upgraded my ELK stack to use ES 2.0 and KIbana 4.2.1. Now I am getting blank page while accessing Kibana . When Kibana is working on one node, I can see everything, but when I start Kibana on more than one node, it works(as a process) but Dashboard is blank and I get:

{"statusCode":403,"error":"Forbidden","message":"Missing XSRF token"}

Is there anything I need in kibana config which I can tweak to fix this? Obviously I have no control over AWS ELB

Seems Kibana 4.2.1 may have issues. I had to downgrade to 4.2.0 to get rid of "Forbidden" error.

Seems related to:

4.2.1 Fixes and enhancements
Fixed a possible CSRF issue. CVE-2015-8131

Yes, Kibana 4.2.0 works fine

I have the same issue however my cluster is hosted by Elastic Found and there is no option to downgrade to 4.2.0. Missing XSFR (see screen shot)

My Kibana hostname is different than the hostname on the main page. see screenshot.

I am trying to use the Google Spreadsheet to Elasticsearch plugin. If I use the default hostname the index never appears. could someone help?