ELK cluster with x-pack kibana is not working with https

Hi I'm new to ELK cluster with x-pack, my requirement is need to login into kibana with https
for this I have used ELK (all 5.4 versions) and also x-pack 5.4 version, im able to get login page for kibana and able to login with default credentials, this is happening with http.

but not able to access kibana with https. can anyone help me?
(elasticsearch is running on port9200 wth https.)

i reffered this link https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/x-pack/current/ssl-tls.html#configure-ssl

what license do you have?
Have a look at this https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions

Please post your config

Look also at this post [SOLVED] Kibana 5.3.0 and SSL for browser requests

Hi guenterg,
Thanks for replying. changing folder permissions of certificate folder to kibana:kibana helped to get kibana up and running on https.

But it is showing "Not secure" warning on the tab. Also when I give cluster vip for kibana it is automatically redirecting to node ip.

I am trying to open "" but it is opening as ""

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