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Hi, I am new to elk. I have a nodejs application. current I am writing nodejs log to the log file. my log format is "type username ip eventname data". I set up filebeat in nodejs server and I setup kibana with elastic search in another server. currently, I can see nodejs log through kibana.

my problem is I want to filter log through the type,username,IP,eventname. currently I see all field in message in kibana log view. i want to know where should I set my log format

You will need to configure a pipeline to extract structured data out of your log messages, and there are many options for how to do this. Kibana's management section offers a few helpful UIs for getting started, but you will still need to understand Elasticsearch mappings and indices to use it.

One of the simplest ways to get started is to set up an ingest pipeline using Elasticsearch. Logstash is a product that is sometimes used here.

Thank You @wylie

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