ELK high Availability

I have 3 elestic search node
master (data center1)
node 2
(master+data) (data center 2)
node 3
master+data data center 1
my issue is:
if the data center 1 falls down my elastic search is down
do you have any architecture to propose to that if i lose one my elastci search steel up ?
i tried the same with 4 nodes but i have the same issue
node1(master) datacenter1
node2(master) datacenter2
node4(master+data) datacenter2

any help please

If you want to have symmetric high availability in case a full data centre goes down, you will need 3 data centres. With only 2 data centres you can never guarantee a majority of master nodes will survive.

thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

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