High Availability ES

Moving the Elastic Search to the Production, Would like to have the High Availability, if Master Elastic Search server stops abruptly for some reason, Secondary server should come up and make the indices available on the dashboard. Is there any way to achieve this ? please let us know.


Elasticsearch in production means that you have at least 3 nodes.

A master node can stop and any other node will be elected as master node then.

If the node you are connecting to is down, then you need to make your client (may be Kibana here) be aware of this.
For now I think that Kibana does not support yet to define a list of nodes (elasticsearch.url).

So you can add a Load Balancer in front of ES or you can add a coordinating node (which has less memory pressure by starting a 4th node with master: false, data: false, ingest: false)

Sure @dadoonet. Thanks for your reply.
do you have any suggestions for the any Load Balancer tool to be installed on Windows server. Please let me know.

No I don't. But an elasticsearch node can do it (and better as it knows the topology).

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