ELK ingress with multiple subdomains not working with certmanager http01 letsencrypt validation

I am deploying my app and ELK using ECK in AKS. When i deploy i autocreate letsencrypt certs using certmanager, the certs for my apps are created succesfully but the certs to access kibana and elasticsearch on the ingress doesnt get created and cm-solver are stuck is I use domain: dev.eu.domain.com. If I use just eu.domain.com it works. These are cert-manager errors:

I0909 07:54:31.871808       1 service.go:43] cert-manager/challenges/http01/selfCheck/http01/ensureService "msg"="found one existing HTTP01 solver Service for challenge resource" "dnsName"="elasticsearch.dev.eu.domain.com" "related_resource_kind"="Service" "related_resource_name"="cm-acme-http-solver-f7hfd" "related_resource_namespace"="dev" "related_resource_version"="v1" "resource_kind"="Challenge" "resource_name"="dev.eu.domain.com-elasticsearch-47www-4142706629-3849242497" "resource_namespace"="dev" "resource_version"="v1" "type"="HTTP-01"
E0909 07:54:31.887989       1 sync.go:190] cert-manager/challenges "msg"="propagation check failed" "error"="wrong status code '400', expected '200'" "dnsName"="elasticsearch.dev.eu.domain.com" "resource_kind"="Challenge" "resource_name"="dev.eu.domain.com-elasticsearch-47www-4142706629-3849242497" "resource_namespace"="dev" "resource_version"="v1" "type"="HTTP-01"

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