Elk loses contact with the master every morning at 8am and the cluster turns red

hello Our cluster will turn red after 8 am every day. The cluster size is 6 hot data nodes 3 warm data nodes. The primary node is the same as the hot data node. Recently, we found a strange phenomenon that the cluster status will turn red at 8:12 every day View master logs :[esdata01] current.health="RED" message="Cluster health status changed from [GREEN] to [RED] (reason: [{esdata09}{_gbguhWlS0OxedNrcCIUgQ}{Dxtoj4WYSjGBROPS9mpHcQ}{esdata09}{sw}{8.8.2} reason: {{esdata09}{_GBguhwLS0OxedNrcciugQ}{DXtoj4WysjGbrops9mphCq}{esdata09}{SW}{8.8.2} lagging, {esdata07}{HNptjVxORhe0mU--i0km6g}{l8kuExZ-Sz-okJdIltZP7Q}{esdata07}{sw}{8.8.2} reason: lagging])." previous.health="GREEN" reason="{esdata09}{_gbguhWlS0OxedNrcCIUgQ}{Dxtoj4WYSjGBROPS9mpHcQ}{esdata09}{sw}{8.8.2} reason: {esdata09}{_GBGuhwLS0OxedNrcciugQ}{DXtoj4WysjGbrops9mphCq}{esdata09}{SW}{8.8.2} lagging, {esdata07}{HNptjVxORhe0mU--i0km6g}{l8kuExZ-Sz-okJdIltZP7Q}{esdata07}{sw}{8.8.2} reason: lagging" logs are about 7 and 9 with no state delay, but we observe that master status is normal and there is no loss of contact.

You should never run a multi-node cluster with only one master-eligible node. In order to increase resiliency you should always look to have 3 master eligible nodes in a cluster.

Please share logs from the master node from around the time of the issue.

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