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i hope this message finds you well, so How much cpu(GHz) /memory/storage at least I need to use ELK stack .

That depends entirely on your use case and expected data volumes, so you will need to provide a lot more information for anyone to be able to help you with this.

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thanks for your reply
in this project I want to guarantee the high availibility in elasticsearch and the number of machine tha's I want to use is 20

That is not nearly enough detail. Please elaborate.

I want to install Elk stack on a VM so my question is how much CPU I need for starting using elk stack

how much CPU I need for starting using elk stack

I know some people running Elasticsearch from a Raspberry Pi.

The good thing with Elasticsearch is that you can start with low resources, let say 1 CPU, 2gb of RAM, few gb of disk and if needed scale this by:

  • scaling vertically (add more CPU, more RAM) when needed
  • scaling horizontally (add more nodes to the cluster)

So unless you provide a lot of details about your use case, what type of data, the size of the data, the retention you want, the replication you want, it will be hard to tell more.

May I suggest you look at the following resources about sizing:

And Using Rally to Get Your Elasticsearch Cluster Size Right | Elastic Videos


thanks for your reply
I want to guarantee disaster recovery so I need 3 nodes and the data rentention is 1 year .
in addition I want to install elasticsearch logstash and kibana in the same VM and in other machines I want only install elasticsearch node for guarantee the disaster recovery so how much CPU (GHz) I need for using elk on VM .
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Please try to separate each one in each own VM.

It depends :tm: .

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