VM RAM / CPU Requirements

I'm trying to create a basic ELK stack as a proof of concept for logging and monitoring our infrastructure. I'm planning on starting with simple Linux VM's in vSphere, but may move on to Elastic Cloud or some kind of containerized orchestration.

I'm having a very difficult time finding basic "hardware" requirements for each part of the stack. I see references to the heap size, but nothing that shows what resources I should allocate to each node or part of the stack. I'd like to build this in a "scale out" structure instead of making giant, monolithic , single points of failure VM's.

Is there somewhere I can find basic RAM / CPU / Disk requirements for Elastic products?

Thanks in Advance!

It depends, on how much data you want to ingest, how long you want to store it and a few other things.

I'd start with a single node with 8-16GB RAM, a few hundred gig of disk, 4-8 cores and go from there.

Perfect. Thanks for the prompt reply!
Classic IT answer "it depends" :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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