ELK returns 502 bad gateway, kibana4 not listening on port 5601

today i couldnt access my ELK page, only getting 502 bad gateway from nginx. i havent changed anything in nginx, but after some research and testing i found out that it has something to do with 5601. i did a netstat -tapen | grep ":5601" to see who was listening on port 5601 and it didnt return anything, i suspect kibana is not listening to this port now. even though service kibana4 is up and running.

thoughts guys? thanks.

i havent changed anything in the kibana config files but i cant get anything when i curl localhost:5601, kibana4 service is running.

i tried to run kibana manually by sh kibana in /opt/kibana/bin and im getting this repeating info: Elasticsearch is still initializaing,..trying again in 2500 seconds

i found out the cause, my ES cluster is red, i have 4 shards stuck at initializing and 10 indices that are also "red". this all started when my server reached 100% disk space. can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this? i would really appreciate it.

If you have replicas, drop them to regain disk space. Once you've fixed the disk space issue you can re-enable the replicas.

ive regained disk space by deleting some old logs elsewhere, ive also closed indices past 30 days. the red indices were from the past 5 days