ELK Stack Confusion


I'm VERY new to ELK and I wanted to confirm the order in which I need to deploy ELK.

So, I believe the main components are of course Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana. I also wanted to add a buffer layer using Redis and here is where I get a little confused. Does the buffer layer come after file beat or after logstash? For example:

Option 1: File Beat > Redis > Logstash > Elasticsearch > Kibana

Option 2: File Beat > Logstash > Redis > Elasticsearch > Kibana

Option 3: File Beat > Logstash > Redis > Logstash > Elasticsearch > Kibana

I've seen multiple options and method and I know it depends on your environment but I just wanted to get a flow going and want to know which method would be the most basic one and grow from there. I was thinking option one and add a 3 host layer for Redis, Logstash and Elasticsearch one I got it working. Thank you for any and all help and suggestions.

Thank You

Beat > Redis > LS > ES usually.

There's not always a reason to have LS between beats and redis given it can write natively.

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Thank you very much for the update I really appreciate it!

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