ELK Stack (version 6 ) for Production

Hi All,

I am installing elasticsearch stack in our environment for testing purpose.

Linux -OS : CentOS 6.9

Reference for installtion: elastic.co

Elasticsearch 6.0.0
Kibana 6.0.0
Logstash 6.0.0
Filebeat 6.0.0

Can same version can be used for production server , are they compatible with each other.
Also want to know is anyone using this versions on Production network.?
Which are the stable version that can be used for production.?

Raghu Reddy

I'd use 6.1.1.

FYI we’ve renamed ELK to the Elastic Stack, otherwise Beats and APM feel left out! :wink:

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if it's the new server use the last version of es (es 6.1.x)

As I know(I'm still a newbie to elastic) 6.x.x versions are compatible with each other, however, 5.x.x is not compatible with 6.x.x or it may occur some problems.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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