ELK to monitor Kubernetes Containerized application Logs and IaaS VM Infra /Application Logs

Hi Team ,
We have a requirement to monitor IaaS Infra / Application Logs and Kubernetes application logs in GCP.We also have requirement to integrate with ticketing tool and some of monitoring tools via JDBC/API
Considering this, which is the best solution to host ELK - Within Kuberenetes Cluster or Outside the Kubernetes Cluster .
ELK should be a centralised logging reporting tool .


Which makes more sense for your requirements?

We have to call out the Pros and Cons of both the setup and decide the best approach to host ELK stack.
1)Using Filebeats to collect Kub app logs and push to ELK stack residing outside Kub cluster
2)Push all system Infra Application logs of Iaas to Kub cluster and host ELK within Kub cluster

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