ELK zimbra dashbord

good morning,
i'm working on zimbra analytic dashbord with ELK, i'm in the last phase of the project(construction of dashbord),can you tell me please what's the files log location of viruses,spams,sent/received messages..to display them on the dashbord?
thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Is your ELK stack set up to the point where Logstash is sending data into Elasticsearch regularly and you can see some documents in the Discover page of Kibana?

If so, then you need to create an index pattern for the data in Kibana, and use it to create some visualizations, then create a Dashboard containing those visualizations.

There's no log file location that you need to know to find the data in Elasticsearch, you just need to know the names of the indices where your data is stored.

i have added these index patterns ( https://github.com/ITLinuxCL/zimbra_logstash/tree/master/patterns ) but i have lost connexion (logsatsh forwarder don't forward anymore the logs)

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