Elsaticsearch 6.3.1 provides different results on cloud and local despite using dfs_query_then_fetch. Query using python's elasticsearch package

I am using Elasticsearch for querying data. I query a medical term and in return i get the code for disease as output. Here is my sample query:

es.search(index="myindex", body={"query": {"match": {"text_field": "search_term"}}}, search_type='dfs_query_then_fetch')
# Expected output - ABC
# Local Output - ABC
# Output on Amazon EMR - XYZ

The problem is when I run it on cloud my output is totally different.

I have exactly the same index on cloud and locally. Despite that the results on cloud are weird. We have an Amazon EMR instance where I have even tried re-creating the index. But no luck.

Local OS - Ubuntu 16.0.4 OS on Amazon EMR -Amazon Linux

Any help would be really appreciated.

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