Why does Elastic App Search Cloud version gives different search results in comparison with local app search installation?

I installed Elastic app search locally (vers. 7.10) and also created an account on Cloud App search, then downloaded the same json file with products to both versions. But the search results are a little bit different as you can see on the following screenshots:

As you can see, with the same relevance tuning and the search request (and the same input JSON file as my documents list), I get slightly different results. It't not a catastrophe of course, but I'm just curious - why? I expected I would get absolutely identical results...
p.s. It seems that cloud version is a little bit better.

Hi @basan4ik—interesting question! It's possible you're seeing differences based on using different Elasticsearch versions or configurations. Cloud runs an Elasticsearch cluster with multiple nodes, for example, which could cause variations due to the different number of replicas/shards.

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