ELSER2 | Ingest - Cannot switch alias for sparse_vector

Hello Team,

We use elasticsearch-java client 8.1.3 to ingest the data and switch the alias. We are utilising the same logic with additional mapping and pipeline added for ingesting the data for Elser2. We observed that an index has been created with the mapping and data is also being inserted to the index with embeddings. But can't switch the alias and shows error "Cannot switch alias because: Error deserializing co.elastic.clients.elasticsearch._types.mapping.Property: Unknown 'type' value: 'sparse_vector' (JSON path: [''].mappings.properties.) (line no=1, column no=5121, offset=-1)".

Could you please point us out what are we doing wrong?

I thought of checking mapping in elasticsearch-java client with the latest version 8.11.2. But I feel it's not present there too. Could you help us with how to proceed further?

Looks like upgrading elastic java client to 8.11.2 would solve the issue. Let me do the same

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