Embed a React Component into Kibana Visualizations

Hi, I'd like add a React Component (essentially a custom tooltip) into my Kibana Visualizations. I want to be able to show my component whenever some part of a visualization is hovered over. Can someone please point me to the right part of the Kibana source code to achieve this?

Hello Paul, there's no general tooltip override or custom tooltip support for Kibana at the moment, and different types of visualizations have different tooltips.

However, we've been migrating diverse Kibana charts into https://github.com/elastic/elastic-charts so a possible starting point to get deeper into tooltips is this much more compact code base. grepping would help find the relevant code parts, or as the tooltips use the DOM, inspection and class names help too. One such file is src/chart_types/xy_chart/tooltip/tooltip.ts

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