Embed Dashboards Kibana with Security


I want to embed my dashboards made in Kibana in a webpage. However, I have security enabled in Elastic and Kibana, so to open a dashboard it requires the Kibana login.
There is any way I can auto-sign-in users to see Kibana dashboards in the webpage?
I already tried to POST the user credentials before doing a GET of the dashboard, but no success. I also tried to pass the credentials through the dashboard link but no success.

Any other suggestion?
I already checked the other related issues.

Hey @Francisca_Lima,

Passing auth through to an embedded Kibana isn't something that's directly supported at the moment. Most users end up creating a reverse-proxy to Kibana, which itself includes authentication credentials to Kibana. See this link for an example using Nginx: Auto-authenticating to iframe-embedded Kibana dashboard

Thank you Larry! It worked!

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