Embed kibana lens alone in a react application

I need to embed KIBANA LENS alone to my react application, providing the user a playground to visualize the data. The user should not have access to anything other than kibana lens with the user specific index-pattern and nothing else, not even the dashboard. I explored and didn't find any material to do the same. Any insight on this will be very much appreciated.

You can get close by using feature controls of the Kibana security solution.

Create a custom space for your user with just the relevant index pattern loaded and restrict the permissions by setting everything to "none" except for Visualize which should be set to "read". Linking users to /app/kibana#/lens will give them the Lens editor to play around with the data without them being able to access anything else or save visualizations. One exception: If a user knows how to do it, they could also access other visualization types, it's currently not possible to restrict individual visualization types.

Thank you so much @flash1293!

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