Embedded visualization height

I can embed Kibana visualizations without problems using the functionality in the GUI. However, for some visualizations the height of the visualization becomes smaller than the iframe height. Others fill the iframe size like expected. I.e. I set the iframe height to 500 but the actual Kibana graph only uses 300 pixels. If I increase the iframe height further I only get a bigger blank field below the graph.

I cannot find which parameter control the behaviour. Help?

Kibana version is 6.8.1.

@timroes can you please help here. Am not too sure about the iframe height here . Is this some custom configuration which I'm missing? Am not too sure if this is browser specific also.



there is no parameter that would control that. A chart should scale to the available place (unless it doesn't make sense for a chart, e.g. like the piechart will always try to stay round :slight_smile:

Could you please attach a screenshot of the chart in the iframe that's not scaling correctly?


onload.jpg : This is how the iframe opens
fullscreen.jpg: This is after manually selecting Fullscreen from the 3 dots menu at the upper right.

As you can see there is a lot of unused space under the graph inside the iframe when the graph initially opens. This space is used when selecting fullscreen.

I have tested in latest Chrome and Firefox and the behavior is the same.
Height and width are set like this: height="550" width="100%"
Which works perfectly fine in other graphs.

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