Embedding into web without

Currently to visualize data, I have to type into my search bar the IP of the VM that Kibana is running on.

I would like to embed Kibana into my website, with some changes being made:

  • An alternate to iframes be used
  • The source code cannot reference where the VM/server is located
  • Users should not be able to edit configurable items in Kibana
  • What is initally displayed is always displayed, so I should not be able to go into the console and edit time:(from:now-24h,mode:quick to time:(from:now-12h,mode:quick, changing the visualization

I think I could grab only the HTML and remove iframes using html = file_get_contents('http://kibana.interface:5601/...), would this work? Would using other PHP, java, or JQuery commands be of any help?

Unfortunately, that wouldn't work. We're tracking an issue for server-side visualization rendering: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/3148

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