Embedding Kibana Dashboards in a custom AngluarJS/ReactJS Web Application

Would like to know what is the best practice to embed the Kibana Dashboards in AngularJS/ReactJS web application without using iframe. It should display only the dashboards and not any controls which are present in Kibana.

Hi there! Currently there is no way to embed a Kibana Dashboard in an external web application without using iframes via the embed code feature.

Because Kibana is running over 100 plugins, may of which contribute to dashboard features, it isn't currently feasible to have all of those resources available in a standalone runtime without bringing along the rest of Kibana, hence the need for iframes.

One exception here are Canvas shareables, which are currently in beta. These will allow you to capture a snapshot of a Canvas workpad at a specific point in time, and embed the whole thing in another web app using a code snippet instead of an iframe.

Is it possible to incorporate a visual graph into a website using Python?

Thank you.

Thanks for the inputs.

If possible within Iframe what is the best way to display only the dashboards and not any controls (providing any additional Kibana controls will provide the option for user to click on those links and navigate to the different pages/modules
which are present in Kibana.)

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