Empty query box brings up nothing in Kibana 3

(Alexy Khrabrov) #1

I'm configuring logstash search and using Kibana 3, either embedded or
separate, to view the events. With Kibana 2, the default was to have a *
in the search box and all events were shown. With Kibana 3, I get nothing.
Originally I've disabled the _all field. Even when I've enabled it again,
I see nothing on an empty query. A single-word query also brings nothing.
The original events have a message field which contains everything, so
when I say message:xyz, I do get back all the events with xyz. I've set "index.query.default_field":
"message" still to no avail. How does Kibana 3 interpret a seqrch query
without the field prefix, and how do I enable it to work again?


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