Empty spaces along the edges of the visualization

Why are empty spaces added to each visualization created using Visual Builder?
The interval is everywhere used for 5 minutes.
The period that is used to display the data is not important, since this is observed at any period.

hi @rebirther

time-series charts match the time-range defined in Kibana's timepicker (top right). That time-range likely includes the empty area on the left.

Thanks @thomasneirynck,

The screenshot below shows a time range of 1 hour. Even if you put another range, there will still be an empty small part of the graph.

The data for this period is, but they seem to be cropped.
Perhaps it's in Visual Builder, since it's still in beta.


what version are you on? this is not something I can reproduce. If I choose a time-range that falls within a valid time-range for the data, the data is full drawn left to right.

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