Empty uiState in a custom request handler

Hello, It's me again :slight_smile:

I'm migrating an old custom plugin from kibana 6.5 to kibana 7.5.
The plugin is developed with AngularJS and has a custom request handler.

In this request handler, I use the uiState from the interface RequestHandlerParameters to request data based on this.

But, this object doesn't contain the data stored by the plugin using the vis.uiStateVal function from the scope of the controller.

I capture the object content from the request handler:

And from the angular controller:

So, why the content is different ? Am I using the wrong uiState object in the request handler ?

@ppisljar do you have any advice on how to get uiState in the New Platform?

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uiState won't be available on the request handler, as the request handler and response handlers are part of the data fetching pipeline, where uiState is passed only to the rendering part.

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