What is uiState parameter in kibana URL?

i want to know what is uiState parameter in kibana URl and what are the things that i can achieve with this uistate?
Sample uiState as below...

I saw that it is useful for some colours of charts. Is there any other purpose of this?

I'm still figuring out what all of the bits that are used in the UI state. I did use it to save settings on a plugin at one point. I'm not sure what that line you have above does but think of it as settings that a specific plugin/page uses. So the sting itself could literally be anything since the plugin knows how to read it.

Example: a=true&y="superAwesome" means nothing until you look at the plugin and how it uses that info.

When I built my plugin I looked at /src/core_plugins/kibana/public/discover/controllers/discover.js

Look for the resolve: { ip... portion. That reads the state and sets up some initial stuff for the discover plugin to use. There's also a slight comment in there about how they had to work around their own appState object.

Good luck, and if anyone knows anything more about how to use the appState and best ways to save/read things from it, I'm all ears.

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