Empty Values in DateTimeStamp - Ignore Empty Values & Perform Calculation

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Ver: 7.11 (Painless script)

  1. I have datetimestamp fields in number type, to convert into date format i have used doc['actualdatetimestamp'].value with the default format in painless script it worked

Need Help in Two Questions Please:

  1. Now i want to subtract two fields doc['targetdatetimestamp'].value - doc['actualdatetimestamp'].value, it is giving me errors because of some the documents are blank in doc['actualdatetimestamp'].value, how to ignore blank and proceed to calculation

  2. Now a product is been developed and deployed in production,
    -i need to find out if the product is deployed on or before the doc['expecteddate'] against doc['actualdate'],
    Case1: if it is deployed on/before doc['expecteddate'] than it will be 100%,
    Case2: If it is deployed 1 day after doc['expecteddate'] than it will be 80%

Kindly provide your valuable suggestion, your suggestions would really help me since i am beginner in KIBANA.

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Use an if statement.
if there is no value, calculate with 0.

Use an if statement.
if the difference is zero/negative, return 80%. else return 100%

Hi Clerk,

Kindly correct me if the below script is right? this is my first script not sure if it's works, please help me here, much appreciate your time here.

doc['targetdatetimestamp'].value - doc['actualdatetimestamp'].value
if (doc['actualdatetimestamp']).empty {
return "0";

if doc['expecteddate'].value - doc['actualdate'].value <0 {
return "80%";
} else if doc['expecteddate'].value - doc['actualdate'].value >= 0 {
return "100%";

80/100 % should be number type

Looks OK.
Just check if the document is empty as the first condition.