EmptyAllocatorSet when using allocator_filter


I'm trying to the influence the AZ placement of some elasticsearch clusters via the allocator_filter using the following config:

  "cluster_name": "mycluster_z2",
  "plan": {
    "zone_count": 1,
    "cluster_topology": [{
      "memory_per_node": 1024,
      "node_count_per_zone": 1,
      "allocator_filter": {
        "bool": {
          "must": [{
           "term": {
            "allocator_zone": "z2"
          "must_not": []
    "elasticsearch": {
        "version": "5.6.3"

Which results into an EmptyAllocatorSet Error during provisoning.
If I use the filter above and directly query the admin-console it seems to return the correct results.

How is allocator_filter supposed to work? can someone provide a working example?

Thx for your help

Hi @boebu

We ended up abandoning support for allocator filters in the 1.0 ECE releases because we were not happy with its usability or is internal implementation

Early in 2018 we'll be releasing its replacement with fully documented UI and API support

(Quickly looking at the code, it looks like currently you can search on an internal field, the only 2 things that might work would be id and zone, but as I say, I recommend leaving it until (likely) 1.2)


HI @Alex_Piggott

Thanks for your answer. With "zone" it seems to work. Maybe it would be good to mark this setting as deprecated in the docs?

I do have another use case where I'd like to define where the tiebraker node is running (i.e. different HW Stack) which seems not to work with a simple allocator filter / multiple node configurations with the current version.
Is this also something you'll enable with 1.2 as well?

Looking forward to the 1.2 release!


Agreed, it should be deprecrated! We're looking into that since your post...

Your other use case is definitely one that is addressed by 1.2 - we are also hoping to sneak in better support for deployments with 2 physical zones into 1.1 since it's a common ask (we've implemented ugly workarounds for a few customers who couldn't wait)


That sounds promising!
Hope 1.1 will be a pre christmas present? :slight_smile:

Thx @Alex_Piggott for your help

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