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I recently installed elastic, kibana and apm in 7.6.0 and I wanted to test the APM service map feature. I struggle to enable it within kibana. I was not able to make visible the link "Service Map" even using xpack.apm.serviceMapEnabled: true

Is there another configuration that need to be done to enable it ?
I found no reference in the documentation to this feature, is it still part of releases ?
On this node I only have Basic licence, do I need a Gold or above to use this feature ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @Martin_BR, thanks for your message.

You must have a Platinum license in order to use the Service Map. You can request a 30 days trial. Were you able to see the Service Map tab on the home page after enabling xpack.apm.serviceMapEnabled:true on kibana.yml file?? Like:

Hi @caue.marcondes,
Thank you for your answer, it is clearer for me. I will try with a trial then move to my main cluster.
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