Service map not working

ELK APM version: 7.8
Kibana version: 7.8
Elasticsearch version: 7.8
NodeJs version: 12.8
APM agent installed: elastic-apm-node

I use ELK APM to monitor a NodeJs application. Transactions, errors
and the metrics are working fine.
I have just activated the Platinium license for 30 days. I would like to test the service map at
by Elk APM. But when I go to this tab I have this error: Error while fetching resource Error (500)

I would like to know:

  • Is there a special configuration to do in Kibana or ELK APM to activate the map service?
  • Do I have to activate the map service in my NodeJs application? If yes, how ?

Hi @devwinner, this is unfortunately a known issue in 7.8.0: Can you try one of these:

  • upgrade to 7.8.1
  • enable Machine Learning for at least one APM service
  • disable Machine Learning entirely

Ok thanks @dgieselaar. I will try it and tell you if its works

I have found the solution for my problem. I have to create a machine learning job for my NodeJs app before being able to see service map in ELK APM. After i did it, it is now working. Thanks to Elk Team

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