Enable dynamic index for metricbeat index

I have implemented EFK stack using helm chart and after few days I installed metric beat in kuberentes cluster, right now we are getting metric and it is visible in kibana UI. However, we noticed only one metricbeat index being created and it's size is more than 30GB. We wanted to enable dynamic index for metricbeat. Could you help us how to define dynamic index for metric-beat. We are using fluent-bti as agent on worker nodes. Do we have to add another OUTPUT section for metricbeat?



The docs might cover your needs, so could you check there and try with the provided examples/information?


Thanks for the reply. I already deployed elastic search as Statefulset object. Where should i change to enabled Index lifecycle management as per the doc? Can i run those commands from kibana console?

Kasim Shaik.

Hi Team,

I am waiting for your reply.


No you cannot run it from Kibana as far as I know. These settings are being set-up by Metricbeat as docs indicate. Please have a closer look and give them a try and if you have problems running them feel free to ask.


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