Enable slow logs not working

(Rohit Singh) #1

Hi, I have referred Elastic search guide for enabling slow logs

PUT /_cluster/settings
"transient" : {
"logger.index.search.slowlog" : "DEBUG",
"logger.index.indexing.slowlog" : "WARN"

PUT /my_index/_settings
"index.search.slowlog.threshold.query.warn" : "10s",
"index.search.slowlog.threshold.fetch.debug": "500ms",
"index.indexing.slowlog.threshold.index.info": "5s"

But all the logs are empty. any pointers , i tried to set the threshold level to ms also, in that case was unable to see the logs

(Mark Walkom) #2

Maybe there is nothing running that slow?
What if you set it all to 0, does it log then?

(silence) #3

Did you solve this problem?

(system) #4