Enable to connect Logstash to Kafka

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I'm trying to connect Kafka to logastash by making kafka input in logstash config file ,but i'm confused with kafka bootstrap_servers who is hosted in hortonworks platform .

In ambari UI is mentioned that kafka listen on port 6667 but in Elastic documentation is mentioned port number 9092.


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Hello, this is my config
input {
kafka {
bootstrap_servers => ["IP_ADDRESS_XXXXX:9092"]
topics => ["topic1"]

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This is what i got in the error message with 9092 and 6667 ports .

[2018-11-21T15:27:22,972][WARN ][org.apache.kafka.clients.NetworkClient] [Consumer clientId=logstash-0, groupId=logstash] Connection to node -1 could not be established. Broker may not be available.

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