Enabling null values on expanded document in Kibana Discover


I am using version 8.5.3.

  • I created a Data View under Stack Management.
  • Displayed an index with multiple fields successfully
  • If we filter results and click the diagonal button on document, expanded document comes in from the rights as slide in.
  • It displays the document in detail.

But when my custom_field has value "null" it does not display my field custom_field even in json section.

Is there any way to display custom_field?


The noSQL nature of the Elasticsearch database involves dynamic mapping, so a document with a field with a null value is not indexed.

From the null_value property documentation:

A null value cannot be indexed or searched. When a field is set to null, (or an empty array or an array of null values) it is treated as though that field has no values.

You may want to leverage that parameter to explicitly mark null values but not all field types support it.

Here some testing to play with:

# Clean up
DELETE discuss-341052

# Create an index with some null values
PUT discuss-341052
  "settings": {
    "number_of_replicas": 0
  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "title": { "type": "text"},
      "category": { "type": "keyword", "null_value": "NULL"},
      "description": { "type": "text"},
      "score": { "type": "float", "null_value": -1}

# Add some data with some rows without fields, 
# others with explicit null values
POST discuss-341052/_bulk
{ "index": {} }
{ "title": "a", "category": "a", "description": "a desc", "score": 1}
{ "index": {} }
{ "title": "b", "category": "a", "description": "a desc", "score": 1}
{ "index": {} }
{ "title": "c", "category": "b", "description": "a desc", "score": 1}
{ "index": {} }
{ "title": "c", "category": "b"}
{ "index": {} }
{ "title": "c", "category": "c", "description": null, "score": -1}
{ "index": {} }
{ "title": "d", "category": "NULL", "description": "a desc", "score": -1}

# Create a Kibana Data View
POST kbn:/api/data_views/data_view
  "data_view": {
    "title": "discuss-341052"

So on Discover some documents don't have the missing fields as you mentioned

But the last document has the explicit (and searchable) null documents

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