Enabling xpack features

I have activated my 30 days trial. Now I have a new feature under management tab know as beats, in order to use it, I have to enable security feature in kibana and elasticsearch but in order to enable xpack we have to configure it. The problem is I can't find location from where I can enable my xpack.monitoring.enabled:true

In Kibana, click on the monitoring app.
Then just click on the proposed link (turn on monitoring) to activate monitoring.

Pardon me for my English. But all I need is how to use xpack features and how to customize them. I am getting little bit trouble in understanding from the elasticsearch document.

Which version are you using?
As soon as you activate the trial in Kibana, you should have access to all features.

I am usingh elasticsearch 6.7

Can you also help me with Beats Central Management??

What is the question?

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