Endpoint API changes?


I had been importing endpoints via the api and until yesterday the job was working fine, but now it appears that transaction_id is required? If so, how is it passed? I've tried a bunch and it never works.

I had been accessing this endpoint: url="https://bark.endgameone.com/api/v1/endpoints?page=1&raw=true&per_page=999999"

The doc says the transaction_id is a Uuid. Is that any string that I want, or some identifier that gets generated within the endgame app?

Hey Scott - We now require a transaction_id for retrieving the raw data.

You can get a transaction_id by issuing a GET https://bark.endgameone.com/api/v1/endpoints in the response to that request you'll be able to parse out a transaction_id by accessing metadata and then transaction_id keys.

A mocked out data response:

sample_data_response = { 'data': {...json...}, 'metadata': {'transaction_id': '<uuid>', ...other keys...}}
response_transaction_id = sample_data_response['metadata']['transaction_id']

You'll be able to add it to your request like this


Let me know if you have other issues or questions!


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