Endpoints on Elastic Cloud

HI, i just deployed a cluster in ECE. Im trying to edit the settings for and endpoint following this instructions:

But i cant see any of this;

  1. From the Platform menu, select Settings .
  2. Specify the CNAME value for your cluster and Kibana endpoints.
  3. Click Update Deployment endpoints . The new endpoint becomes effective immediately.

So do you not have a sidebar on the left, eg (minus the region)?


(You click on the platform to make the menu under it appear)


My menu is like this:

You don't have a "platform" menu under the "deployments" (ie below the screenshot)?

Who are you logged in as? Do you have admin permissions (you should unless you've set up multiple users/roles in the security section)

IM logged with the same user that logged initially on Elastic Cloud https://cloud.elastic.co/login

That is the only use i can have here.

Ooooh I understand!

You're using the cloud service ("ESS"), not "ECE" (which is the framework on which ESS runs, which you can download and run on your own infrastructure). The docs you found are for ECE, and hence describe "framework level" operations, which are not available to ESS users.

Unfortunately in ESS you can't change the cname, it's hardwired to (eg) $region.aws.found.io (and the full URL is always that prefixed by the cluster id)

If you own a DNS service then you can set up a cname alias there (though recommended is to set up an nginx proxy for your services to hit)

Thank you, Alex.
I think is confusing the names "ESS" and "ECE" and the search of documentation.
By example, im working on setup ADFS, and all the docs point to ECE, not ESS.

I think the only way to setup ADFS is via SAML, the ESS specific docs for that is https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/cloud/current/ec-securing-clusters-SAML.html

Are there other docs you are looking for the ESS version of (confusingly i think for legacy reasons the acronyms are EC=ESS and ECE!)

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