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I am looking at options for customizing the Kibana URL for an ECE deployment. As an example, if under Platform > Settings the "Deployments domain name" is "", I understand that the Kibana URL would be some random GUID appended to the Deployment domain name ( If I create an unrelated CNAME DNS record that is more readable ( and point that to our LB, will ECE proxies still forward traffic to our Kibana? We will have a wildcard cert for * loaded under Platform > Settings > TLS certificates > Proxy.

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ECE (as well as Elastic Cloud) does offer a feature Deployment Aliases. This allows you to give a custom name that will be used in the Kibana URL in place of the GUID. So, for example, if you have "" as your configured Deployments domain name, and you set your alias to "my-kibana", the URL will be "".

Below are the docs for setting up and using this feature in ECE:

Hi @Daniel_Battaglia - unfortunately I don't think this is a feature we can use since we are still at version 2.8.1. Is the scenario I originally described possible through the use of CNAME records and LB forwarding traffic?

That should work as well. We have some documentation around this:

Why make the load balancer work harder though?

Wouldnt an ece upgrade be better and give you features and bug fixes you can enjoy?

We have specific constraints that prevent us from upgrading to the latest ECE version at the moment and load balancers are part of the reference architecture.

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