Custom Domain Name

I am using instance but it provides you long URL to access ES like

How is possible to use your own domain name with elastic cloud instance?

I think this blog can help: Custom Domains and Anonymous Access on Elastic Cloud.


Hi @Imma I do not think that is a great solution it's effectively saying put an nginx reverse proxy in front of the load balanced and resilient infrastructure that you are buying from Elastic Cloud.

I notice on previous subjects relating to this (going back 18 months+) it was mentioned that this ability was coming. Do you have any further details?

Nov 2019

Jan 2020


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Hi Steven.

This is one of the most requested features. Customer endpoint aliases are already supported, which was the first step. What we do not yet support is a custom domain.

For that, you would still need a reverse proxy in front of our load balancer/proxies. Unless you don't care about the TLS complain and use a CNAME.

We still do not have an ETA on bringing your own domain for Elasticsearch Service, though it's on our radar.


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