Engineer certification exam topics vs Engineer I, II training labs


The following topics are included in the official exam objectives but these are missing in the labs of Engineer I and II training labs.

  • Write and execute pipeline aggregations
  • Use the scroll API to retrieve large numbers of results
    *Configure an index that implements a parent/child relationship

Are these topics included in the exam ?

Also, training labs list CCR as an exam prep topic but it is not included in the exam objective. Is it correct to assume that only CCS is included in exams ?

The exam no longer covers pipeline aggregations or the Scroll API. Thank you for pointing out the incorrect details.

The exam does cover cross cluster search, and there is nothing on the exam that is not listed in the exam objectives.

Thank you Rich for confirming,

How about this one on the list above ?

  • Configure an index that implements a parent/child relationship

I know that nested objects are covered. Is 'join' data type covered as well?

Parent/child is no longer on the exam either.

Somehow an out-dated list of objectives has made its way onto the website. We are working on fixing that now. Thank you for pointing it out!

Thank you.

Hi Rich.

Out of curiosity, what's the reasoning behind removing pipeline aggregations from the exam?

Nothing to do with the functionality or the usefulness of pipeline aggs - they are an awesome feature of the Query DSL! It was strictly based on logistics: we no longer teach that topic in our Engineer training courses because there just wasn't enough time to cover it properly.

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Understood. Thanks for the clarification.

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