Elastic Observability On-Demand: exam objectives seem to differ from the training contents


The Elastic Observability On-Demand exam objectives mention configuring filebeat and metricbeat, but I find neither in the current training material.

My colleague Paul Oude Vrielink followed this training last June and he did have both beats in his training material. So have the beats been removed from the training and are the exam objectives still to be updated?


Hi @jan.stap ,

we usually take some time to update our certification exam after we update the training, so students that took the training on a previous version have time to prepare before taking the exam. We are already working on a new exam version based on Elastic Agent and it should be available soon.


Hi Andre,

I'm preparing now for the Elastic Observability exam, scheduled at Nov 29. The exam objectives still show the old topics set, i.e. including metricbeat and filebeat, and using the legacy APM server (i.e. not the Elastic Agent Integration-supplied one). See our earlier discussion in this thread on that.

Do you now if the current exam follows this topics set or is already the newly planned version? Thanks!

Best regards,

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