Enhanced table plugin-8.7.1 availability

Hello @fbaligand ,

Can you please provide any info about how long will it take to get latest version of enhanced data table version-8.7.1.Checked github Not available yet.
If this is not available then ,will it be fine to choose latest available version of enhanced table and integrate with 8.7.1.Will this cause any issue or its fine to go ahead?


I answered to this question here:

But be sure that if plugin is not yet published for Kibana 8.7, it is because it is incompatible, and some Kibana breaking changes requires in Enhanced Table plugin code.

@fbaligand ,

This may be a silly question but want to know if compatible version is not available then would it be possible to install latest compatible version of enhanced table available.
ex: 8.7.1 kibana,but enhanced table would be 8.6.2 version.Will this cause issue?
Any update of future releases of enhanced table plugin for kibana latest version?, we use this heavily as pivot and for data manipulation.

Many Thanx

Well, if enhanced table plugin code for Kibana 8.6 could work with Kibana 8.7, be sure that enhanced table plugin release for Kibana 8.7 would be out for weeks! :slight_smile:

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Thanx for your update on this, will wait for release!!

Hello @fbaligand ,
Could you plz provide some update on this, I need to have some approx date to know for enahnced table 8.7.1 availability . This is cauisng us not to migrate to latest version and blocker for us in prod env.
I need some approx time to convey the customer for availability.This plugin is used heavily by us for our usecases.

This is what the error is while I'm using latest version vailable 8.6.2 enhanced table for kibana 8.7.1



[2023-06-30T20:37:01.697+02:00][ERROR][plugins-service] Error: Plugin "enhancedTable" is only compatible with Kibana version "8.6.2", but used Kibana version is "8.7.1". (incompatible-version, /l/ppp/mis/kibana-8.7.1/plugins/enhancedTable/kibana.json)
at Function.incompatibleVersion (/l/ppp/mis/kibana-8.7.1/node_modules/@kbn/core-plugins-server-internal/src/discovery/plugin_discovery_error.js:27:12)
at parseManifest (/l/ppp/mis/kibana-8.7.1/node_modules/@kbn/core-plugins-server-internal/src/discovery/plugin_manifest_parser.js:117:56)
[2023-06-30T20:37:01.700+02:00][FATAL][root] Error: Failed to initialize plugins:
Plugin "enhancedTable" is only compatible with Kibana version "8.6.2", but used Kibana version is "8.7.1". (incompatible-version, /l/ppp/mis/kibana-8.7.1/plugins/enhancedTable/kibana.json)
at PluginsService.handleDiscoveryErrors (/l/ppp/mis/kibana-8.7.1/node_modules/@kbn/core-plugins-server-internal/src/plugins_service.js:157:13)
at PluginsService.discover (/l/ppp/mis/kibana-8.7.1/node_modules/@kbn/core-plugins-server-internal/src/plugins_service.js:64:5)
at Server.preboot (/l/ppp/mis/kibana-8.7.1/node_modules/@kbn/core-root-server-internal/src/server.js:140:30)
at Root.preboot (/l/ppp/mis/kibana-8.7.1/node_modules/@kbn/core-root-server-internal/src/root/index.js:45:14)
at bootstrap (/l/ppp/mis/kibana-8.7.1/node_modules/@kbn/core-root-server-internal/src/bootstrap.js:87:9)
at Command. (/l/ppp/mis/kibana-8.7.1/src/cli/serve/serve.js:235:5)


If I'm not wrong the developer already said that it is not compatible, you can't use that plugin on version 8.7.1.

You will need to wait for a compatible version, there is not much you can about it.

When using third-party plugins in most cases you cannot update your Stack until all plugins you use and need are compatible, and since they are third-party plugins there is no SLA of when a compatible version will be available or even if there will be a compatible version.

@leandrojmp ,

Thanx to look into this. I would like to know if we could add support request for such plugins.
Ofcourse ideally third party plugins I'd have avoided knowing the issue that may occur.
But this particular plugin has helped a lot in our usecases.After working with two customers I see there is requirement for advance analytics ,this table plugin provides lot of data manipulation and parsing of html,css and javascript logic embedded.This helps to better represent the data and utilize the feature.
This is the only plugin used by us as before going ahead we tracked the developer is actively supporting this and almost everytime responds to query asked.
I'm aware of developer time and efforts to resolve the bugs take time.
I'd like to know if such advanced plugins could be integrated/supported by elastic .Where could one reach for support request?

Many Thanx

I do not work for Elastic, but if you want to suggest some feature you need to open a feature request on one of the repositires, in this cause you may open a feature request in the Kibana Github Repository.

You need to describe your use case and Elastic will decide if they can implement a similar feature, but there is no guarantee that it will be implement nor a SLA for it to be implement if Elastic decides to implement the requested feature.

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I'm glad to announce you that Enhanced Table plugin for Kibana 8.7 is out!

You can get it here:



I'd like to thank you a lot for your time and efforts to look into this and providing the solution timely.
We waited for this from past 1 month and were really counting down days for release.

I really appreciate to take out your busy time for helping this out and were hoping that once available it works fine and moment I installed it, it works like charm :grinning: Still will check all dashboards.
Surely I will blog my experience with this awesome plugin and how this could help out in advanced data manipulation and analytics solution.Advanced feature and good representation is need of the hour for better user experience.
Soon I will share some images what all this plugin can help out.I've 2 years of experience with this plugin and has understood how to use it to better represent data with this.

Using elastic provided data table and everytime telling customer something can't be achieved gaved very bad user experience to them.(adavnce pivot solution using css,javascipt and htm support stand this out). This lead us to this plugin and your timely github release was other reason to opt for this.

Again many thanks for your support and for always timely replies. :pray: :open_hands:

Thank you for your feedback on your plugin usage!
That is really rewardful to see how much useful the plugin for you and your teammates!

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