Enhanced Table Plugin Installation Error


Hello I am in need of your assistance regarding the run of enhanced-table plugin in development mode.

When I use the to yarn kbn bootstrap command I get this error.

Well, error is not tied to enhanced table plugin, but kibana core build.

Given error message, it seems that you are on windows OS and have not Linux tools available, especially mkdir.

You can fix it by adding git bash bin directory to your PATH environment variable.

@fbaligand I was not clear in my previous post. The Idea is to have this plugin installed on 7.12 version of ELK.

I am using your plugin for 7.11 ELK but after upgrading to 7.12 enhanced tables are not working so can you please let me know if you are able to recompile the code and add the zip file to the git repo. so we can start using it for 7.12?

I’m sorry that is not as simple as a compilation.
I have already tried to compile the plugin for kibana 7.12.
But there are several breaking changes in kibana 7.12 that require to change enhanced table code.
Especially one, that requires a important code change.

If it was simple, I would already have published enhanced table package for kibana 7.12 on GitHub repository.

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