Enhanced Table Plugin line/ word wrap to avoid long string fields extending off screen

I have an issue where I have long lines of text extend off the screen causing the need for back and forth scrolling (View picture).

Is there a way to have long lines of text line/word wrap so that they are displayed down the page within a row instead of across the page as shown in the picture. Additionally is there a way to use newline characters such as \n to make text display on multiple lines instead of just one?

There are different ways to deal with this:

  1. In your index pattern go to fields - in string type select truncated string to number of letters you want.
  2. If you dont want to truncate, you can try giving another field column next to it or an empty column in enhanced table.Or you can try to load in a document table plugin.Either way, it should automatically give a newline after some characters.

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