Enrolling a fixed IP server to a server behind a dynamic IP address and a home router with ports forwarded

I set up two elasticsearch nodes on two computers on my home network which is reachable from the outside via dynamic IP. They seem to see each other.

Ports are open in the router

Now I want to add a node on a fixed IP outside server

HOME = 2 nodes (behind 1 dynamic IP)
INTERNET = 1 node (static IP)

What do I need to add to elasticsearch.yml

network.bind_host:,, localhost
network.publish_host: www.somename.com,

when I add www.somename.com to network.host it says it can't bind to the IP
org.elasticsearch.transport.BindTransportException: Failed to bind to[9300-9399]

Playing around with network.bind_host and network.publish_host restarting elasticsearch does not seem to be helpful.

I run on 1 home node
/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token -s node

on the fixed server IP node
I install, reinstall elasticsearch with apt remove --purge etc

/usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-reconfigure-node --enrollment-token <token from dynamic ip server>

The enrollment token seems to always point to

Unable to communicate with the node on Error was Connection timed out
ERROR: Aborting enrolling to cluster. Could not communicate with the node on any of the addresses from the enrollment token. All of [] were attempted.

I also tried which seems also a nono.

I can telnet from the fixed IP Server to the home ip at 9200 and 9300

Ports are open from 9300-9399

How do I need to configure the server that the enrollment token doesn't always just point to the same internal address?

That's not a recommended approach, as any network issues will cause cluster instability.

Isn't that the selling point that the system can deal with stuff like this?


Doesn't it also depend on the speed of the incoming information?

It can deal with some of it, yes. But dealing with networks that are not directly connected is not one of them.

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